Introducing in India

Unigen’s Cosmeceutical line is clinically proven and patented naturally derived active ingredients. We have a unique portfolio that is capable of restoring skin health and beauty without compromising safety.

Unigen’s Phytologix® Platform (a unique combination of nature, science, traditional medicinal botanicals, and technology) has delivered highly scientific and clinically proven cosmetic active ingredients.

Diverse Portfolio is our Specialty
Active Ingredients, Surfactants, and more
A one stop solution to give you the active edge
Active Ingredients
Used for lightening, Brightening, anti aging, anti spot, UV protection purpose
Used for shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care cleansing products
Rheology Modifiers
Rheology Modifiers
Used in hair styling gels, hydroalcoholic gels, moisturizing gels, bath gels, hand, body & face lotions
Used in rinse off products such as handwash, facewash and bodywash.
Viridis Personal Care Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Viridis group ( is a one stop solution provider for personal care offerings. Our range includes Active Ingredients, Surfactants, Preservatives, Rheology Modifiers and others. Our product mix includes technologies taking care of current needs as well as future innovations.